Felicity J. Stewart

Bio: The first, and possibly only thing you need to know? I'm a serial procrastinator. I write. I mean, naturally, I have other interests as well, but I do love writing. So naturally, I'm going to blog about writing; I could blog about singing, or art, or Fallout. However, I'm going to blog about writing because it seems like the only viable thing for me to blog about, and I dedicate an awful lot of time to it. I also feel as though it's a little easier to blog about writing than it is to blog about, say ... sharks. Unless you have a genuine interest in sharks, I suppose. This constant digression is my tried and tested method of diverting personal interest, because I don't like talking about myself much; I like talking about the things that I enjoy and the things that I do. I like talking about my findings and most of all, voicing my opinion, but I like to deflect the most personal of questions. What I will say, however, is this: I am nineteen years old. I am unemployed. I am broke. I have always been enthusiastic about the English language, but I did not realize it until I finished my GCSEs and started a BTEC in Art and Design that did not end well at all. The writing came later; it was more something that I did than actually did consciously knowing I was capable of doing it. I enjoyed it, I received a degree of praise that was most likely age-related more than anything else, but I never thought much of the prospect of say, a career in writing. Oh, the irony.

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